Ph.D. Graduates


Trina Orimoto, Ph.D.

Among Dr. Orimoto’s primary research interests are measuring characteristics of treatment services in youth systems of care, and dissemination and implementation efforts in community based-settings (e.g., provider trainings, assessment). She has begun to examine patterns in practice application for youth usual care treatment and is currently providing school-based services in a local elementary school. Dr. Orimoto enjoys gardening, running, yoga, traveling, and Pinterest.


Ryan Tolman, Ph.D.

Ryan Tolman’s primary research interests include evolutionary psychology, interpersonal attraction and mate preferences, and the social psychology of sports and physical activities. His current research is investigating the potential role by which sports and physical activities can foster and facilitate attraction in various types of relationship contexts. In addition to his research area interests, Ryan also applies social science theory and research methods in his work as a program evaluator. In addition, Ryan also likes puppies, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.

Yiling Zhang, Ph.D.

Yiling’s research interests include stress, coping, and perfectionism. She has been focusing on clinical work in the past few years and has been obtaining training in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), accelerated experiential dynamic therapy (AEDP), and emotion-focused therapy (EFT). She currently works as a full-time psychologist at Case Western Reserve University’s Health and Counseling Services. Yiling loves reading, swimming, food, and learning about cutting-edge technology.

Matt Milette-Winfree, Ph.D.

My current research interests include leveraging multi-level modeling to understand therapist behaviors in large and complex usual-care settings, especially regarding treatment of anxiety. I am also interested in understanding how to effectively administer mental health services in schools. I currently do a variety of clinical work at UH’s Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Division. My personal interests include my wife and daughter, playing guitar and singing, beer, and slow-cooked meats.


Allison Love, Ph.D.

Gloria Mathis, Ph.D.

Lise Martel, Ph.D.

Vicki Wallach, Ph.D.

Lana Ka’opua, Ph.D.

Scott Okamoto, Ph.D.