Graduate Training

Charles W. Mueller will not be admitting any graduate students for this coming academic year (2019-2020).
Henri-Lee Stalk, M.A., J.D.
Ms. Stalk, M.A., J.D. is interested in the psychopathology and treatment of juvenile delinquency and comorbidity in usual care and juvenile justice settings. Her research is focused on examining patterns of treatment target and practice selection for children and youth experiencing sexual behavior problems in Hawaii’s system of care. Ms. Stalk is currently preparing for internship and bar examinations. Her favorite activities include spending time with family, floating with friends, bargain hunting and learning about human factors and pilot decision making.
Puanani Hee, M.A.
Pua’s research interests include characteristics of treatment services in rural settings and treatment as usual in youth systems of care.  She is also interested in Hawaiian ethnic identity and acculturation, culturally sensitive treatment approaches, and intimate partner violence.  She currently does clinical work at the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Division and its Psychoeducational Testing Program.  Pua enjoys running, reading, pottery, and spending time at the beach.
Daniel Wilkie, M.A.
Daniel’s primary research interests include youth disruptive behavior, the role irritability plays in disruptive behavior and depressed mood comorbidity, and how efficacy treatment research translates to effective treatment in usual care settings.  His current research is focused on disruptive behavior treatment response in usual care systems. He currently does clinical work at UH’s Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Division.  His interests include hoppy beers, strategy and economy games, comedy, pretentious music, and reading things on the internet.
Emilee Turner, B.A.
Emilee’s research interests include modalities for enhancing youth resiliency and incorporating strength-based treatment approaches in children’s mental health services. Specifically studying childhood coping and resilience to familial violence, incarceration, substance abuse, foster care, and poverty.  She currently does clinical work at the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Division and its Psychoeducational Testing Program. Emilee enjoys yoga, surfing, hiking, ceramics, reading, basketball, water coloring, and baking.

Kalyn Holmes, B.S.

Kalyn’s primary research interests include disruptive behavior disorders and psychopathology, effective treatment for youth aggression and delinquency, protective factors, and prevention interventions. She is currently a graduate research assistant for the Research and Evaluation Training Program. She enjoys swimming, hiking, illustration, gardening, and video games.


Devon Shook, Ph.D.

In 2002 I began my studies in physics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University where I took an interested in child development and cognitive psychology. I began my postgraduate studies at Georgetown University in 2009 and completed my PhD in 2015 at American University in Washington, DC. My dissertation explored overlapping structural and functional findings in co-morbid ADHD and Autism with a focus on the cerebellar contributions to whole-brain networks. I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in Utrecht, Netherlands and moved to Hawaii for clinical training in 2017.


Brenda McDaniel, Ph.D.

Brenda’s research interests include focusing on the combinations of multiple treatment targets (e.g., in the case of comorbidity) with multiple practice elements to increase therapeutic gains for youth with complex challenges.  Brenda is also interested in focusing more on the severity of functional impairment versus symptom count for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  Brenda enjoys spending time with her Labradoodle Spirit, playing pool (billiards), playing trivia, spending time outdoors, and traveling with her friends.