Research and Evaluation Training


The State of Hawai‘i’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) and the Psychology Department at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UH) joined together in 2004 to create the CAMHD-UH Research and Evaluation Training Program (RET). This effort is a collaborative partnership designed to support CAMHD’s research and evaluation efforts and to create service-learning opportunities for advanced graduate students in applied behavioral health research and evaluation. These service-learning experiences promote new career paths in behavioral health and public service and prepare developing professionals for leadership roles in behavioral health service systems. RET integrates system of care principles, high ethical standards, and commitment to quality scientific endeavors. Experiences are fostered through providing research and evaluation services to CAMHD and its partners that aim to generate new knowledge, produce new decision support tools, and improve the quality of Hawai‘i’s child and adolescent mental health system of care.

RET is led by Dr. David Jackson, Research and Evaluation Specialist, and Dr. Charles Mueller, Professor of Social and Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology at the University of Hawai‘i. To date, 16 students have held paid assistantship positions in RET, been able to learn applied system research and evaluation skills, and participate in system improvement and knowledge generation. RET supports access to systems data for other faculty and student research projects as well. See the RET-CV for a sampling of projects and products produced. Also, for those interested in CAMHD efforts more broadly, please see

Dr. Brad Nakamura also contributes to the RET program as co-chair of Hawai‘i’s Evidence-Based Services (EBS) Committee, whose goals include creating, modifying, and implementing the interdisciplinary committee’s four separate demonstration projects, each focused on various aspects of disseminating and implementing best practices for children and adolescents. Please see Dr. Nakamura’s website at

Link to the RET-CV