Welcome to the website of Dr. Charles Mueller, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Dr. Mueller is a Full Professor in social and clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology. Dr. Mueller’s primary research interests focus on violent and disruptive behavior problems, mental health delivery systems and applications of social psychology. (For more information on Dr. Mueller’s program of research, please click here.)

Dr. Mueller is a Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (C-CBT) in the Department of Psychology at UH. Dr. Mueller’s specialty focus is on ADHD, its relationship to other behavioral problems and ways to improve life-course outcomes for youth with ADHD. (For more information on C-CBT, please click here.)

Dr. Mueller is the Director of the Research and Evaluation Training Program, a service-learning collaborative focused on improving child and adolescent mental health services through research and evaluation. (For more information on RET, please click here.)

Dr. Mueller teaches and supervises students in the Social Psychology and the Clinical Studies Program. (For more information on graduate training, please click here.) He is accepting applications for a Clinical Studies position for 2017.